Ajit Doval The James Bond of India

Ajit Doval: The James Bond of India

When the Indian troops entered Pakistan and carried out a surgical strike, it was astonishing how they had carried out this operation. Certainly, the credit goes to the brave warriors of the army, but despite this, the credit for making such a success goes to another person who designed this operation based on his discretion. Whose name is Ajit Doval? Who is the National Security Advisor of India since May 2014

Introduction to Ajit Doval

Ajit Doval was born on 20 January in a Garhwali family in Uttarakhand. His father was in the Indian Army. He got his initial education in the Military School of Ajmer, and he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from Agra University.

After education, he started preparing for IPS and on the strength of hard work he was selected for IPS in 1968 from the Kerala cadre. Four years later, Ajit Doval joined the Intelligence Bureau and created a bright and shrill image from his work there.

Ajit Doval retired from the Intelligence Bureau in 2005 as a sharp image

In 2009, Ajit Doval became the Founder and President of Vivekananda International Foundation. During this time, he also kept writing articles for the newspaper.

On 30 May 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appointed Ajit Doval as the country’s 5th National Security Advisor.

Why is Ajit Doval special?

Ajit Doval is a clever cunning personality, And they have proved this many times.

Ajit Doval led the operation to drive out the extremists and Khalistanis from the Golden Temple.

He played a key role along with a team of officers from the Intelligence Bureau along with the Punjab Police and the National Security Guard.

Doval had surrendered several terrorists while working between the intruders and the people who wanted peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

Ajit Doval has been an intelligence detective in North-East, Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab for 33 years, where he has done many important operations.

During Operation Blue Star, he played the role of a spy and provided important intelligence for the Indian security forces, with the help of which the military operation was successful.

He is an Indian who does not shy away from openly warning Pakistan to snatch Balochistan instead of another Mumbai.

To protect his country, he had been making a Muslim in Pakistan for seven years.

Achievement of Ajit Doval

In 1989, extremists and Khalistanis gathered their base in the Golden Temple. Ajit Doval then cleverly entered the Golden Temple. And assured them that he was sent by the ISI to help them. After that Doval took stock of the place and came out. Two days later, there was Operation Black Thunder which was led by Ajit Doval.

Ajit Doval surprised everyone by carrying out an operation like a surgical strike. He took full responsibility for it . And successfully conducted.

Ajit Doval is the only Indian citizen who has been awarded the army honour Kirti Chakra while not in the army.

Recently, the government decided to remove Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. During this, Ajit Doval did a very good job of maintaining peace there.

Conflicts and criticisms

Ajit Doval has also faced many challenges and difficulties during his tenure. They have been accused that they do not work as a team and taking up the mission alone.

The present opposition party Congress also accused him that due to Ajit Doval’s policies, an attack like Pulwama took place.

The Kandahar Aircraft Hijack case is also cursing the Congress party for Ajit Doval that Doval had handed over Masood Azhar to the terrorists, which led to terrorist attacks on India. In this case, Ajit Doval says that it was a political decision.

Despite all these allegations, Ajit Doval is still serving the country. His immense contribution will always be remembered. Today, our country needs talented people to do their work without fear.

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