Public Safety Act

How Reasonable is the Public Safety Act (PSA)

Omar Abdula and Mehbooba Mufti, two former chief ministers of Jammu and Kashmir have been placed under custody under the Public Safety Act (PSA). The opposition of which is also being seen. Some people are not justifying it. The former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir also promised to remove it. Which today is in the grip of PSA? This act is used in special circumstances

Once upon a time, this law was implemented to solve different problems, but now its use is changing. This figure is astonishing that 20000 people have been detained since the introduction of this law.

What is Public Safty Act (PSA)

Under the Public Safety Act, any person can be kept in custody for two years keeping public safety in mind. The Public Safety Act empowers a person to be taken into preventive custody as a threat to security. A woman or man can be detained under this law, assuming a threat to the security and law of the state. This is similar to the national security law that governments have been using to take preventive custody.

Under the PSA, the government can put anyone under house arrest for up to two years of trial. This law has introduced in 1978 and this was Sheikh Abdullah, the father of Farooq Abdullah implemented this law in the Kashmir Ghati. At the time of enactment of the law, Sheikh Abdullah was the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir.

How Public Safty Act (PSA) Works

At the time this law had been implemented, its purpose was to stop the smuggling of timber. Later this law was incorporated into the necessary measures to prevent terrorism. Under the law, the government declares an area protected and thereafter certain restrictions are imposed on the movement of citizens there. If anyone tries to forcibly enter, then he is questioned in custody. This law empowers the government to detain anyone who may be a threat to the security system

But as is clear from its definition, detention is a protective (preventive) step and not punitive. The Public Safety Act allows a person detained for two years without any trial.

It can be implemented only on the administrative order of the Divisional Commissioner or District Magistrate and not on orders from the police. Both those detained under the Public Safety Act also have the right to approach the Advisory Board and must submit a report to it (to the Board) within eight weeks. Travelling to a place can be banned under this law. Government can pass orders and ban people from going to any place.

How useful is this law

This law has also benefited, especially in Jammu and Kashmir. If there is a possibility of a nuisance due to a particular person, then that person can be detained under this act. However, the person is not harmed by it. He can also keep under house arrest and relatives have complete freedom to visit.

In the riots that happen in Kashmir, the police keep many people under arrest under this. And when the situation improves, they also leave them back.

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