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Kashmiri Pandit: 30 Years Waiting to Return to their Homeland

Today, on 19th January, 30 years have passed in waiting. Awaiting homecoming. Just 30 years before today, a mountain of difficulties had broken down on Kashmiri Pandits. They (Kashmiri Pandit) were living happily in their houses, and it was suddenly announced that they get out of it or else they will be killed. This voice was that of Muslims and clerics living around them. Suddenly their houses and shops started to be burnt. And the Kashmiri Pandits could not understand how to suddenly empty the houses where their ancestors were born. Muslims caught them and were thrown out of the house and mistreated women.

All this was happening in the valleys of Jammu and Kashmir state of India. And there the Pandit and Sikh communities felt helpless. At that time the Indian government could not do anything for the Pandits. Pandits were leaving their homes and migrating, they migrated to Jammu and other states of India and remained refugees in their own country. January 19 became a dark day for them

What happened in 1990?

On 4 January 1990, in the Urdu newspaper Aftab, the terrorist organization Hizbul Mujahideen printed the advertisement that all Pandits should leave the valley. After this, the newspaper Al-Safa reprinted the same thing. In squares and mosques, loudspeakers announced that Pandits should leave the valley, otherwise the consequences would be bad.

After this decree, there was chaos in the lives of Pandits and Sikhs living in Kashmir for centuries. In one stroke, the cutters forced them to leave their ancestral land.

The threat on 19 January 1990 was not just a threat, it warned of the consequences and the terrorists also implemented it. Slogans were raised from mosques against anti-India and pundits.

They rapped many women. They were kidnapping the women and later killed them.

On January 19, 1990, most people left Kashmir. About 4 lakh people were displaced from their homeland. They have found a place in nearby states to save their lives. But even after 30 years, they are still living the life of a refugee in their country.

Who is responsible for the massacre?

It was not just the terrorist organizations responsible for this tragedy, there are people living there who did not support them. The Muslim community there became quite insensitive to Kashmiri Pandits. Today, when this matter is mentioned in front of Kashmiri Pandits, tears come to their eyes.

The saddest thing is that due to politics in the country, they are never taken care of. All governments have promised to rehabilitate them, but these people have been refugees for 30 years.

The present government has lifted trust in their minds by removing Section 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and is looking sensitively towards them.

Understanding the grief of Kashmiri Pandits, the government should pay attention to them because they want to go home. They have been waiting for 30 years to know when to return home.

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