Shaheen Bagh Protests

Shaheen Bagh Protests: Anti-Modi or Anti-National?

In Shaheen Bagh Protests have been taking place for about a month and a half against the CAA and NRC. The shaheen bagh protest has blocked the main road by about 1 km. More than 250 shops closed on this route, most of which have rent in lakhs.

Many of the showrooms present there are on the verge of closure and many people have lost their jobs. While many shopkeepers in that area are also supporting this protest. 60% of the shop owners in this area are Muslims, most of whom are involved in this protest.

Why is there a protest?

The protests in Shaheen Bagh started on 15 December and are still continuing. When the present Central Government passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill Hindus coming from Pakistan and other neighbouring countries will get citizenship. Some people in the Muslim community and people of other ideologies did not like this bill. They believe that this bill is exploitative of minorities. And it should not apply in the country, along with this the issue of NRC also got wind and this protest started. This bill was opposed in many places in the country.

It has been opposed in many universities and in many places, rallies came out in support of it. But these protests are still going on in the Shaheen Bagh area and they are not ready to move away from there. Vehicles cannot come on that road. The police are always stationed there and there is a risk of untoward happening at any time.

Is this just a protest?

The kind of atmosphere here is not fair to call it a protest. Slogans are being raised throughout the day, most of which are against the government and against the policies of Narendra Modi. Which also comes under their jurisdiction. But many times people here are seen supporting those people who are anti-national. At this stage, it cannot be called an only protest.

Not all journalists are allowed to go here. Many journalists have tried to talk to them but they did not allow the journalists to enter further. This is happening for the first time in the country that journalists have not been allowed to go to any area of the country’s capital. In this stage, a big gesture can happen.

It is being ascertained that there is no conspiracy behind this movement. Because of the way the performance, especially in Shaheen Bagh Is spreading by a viral message. This makes the intelligence agencies suspect a well-planned move behind it. There are some people who are playing protestors in Shaheen Bagh by making puppets of their hands according to the planning every day.

Who is benefiting?

All types of parties are benefiting from this protest of Shaheen Bag. Because right now the electoral atmosphere in Delhi is at its peak. And by mentioning it all political parties want to garner votes. Some leaders are trying to bend the Muslim vote by supporting it and some parties are strengthening their election agenda by calling it anti-national. Recently, a BJP leader said that if his government comes, the protest will be reduced in an hour.

While people of some other ideologies are supporting them only so that they can surround the present government. And spread the message of ousting them from the governance. Some people say that in Shaheen Bagh, people are getting paid for protesting.

Such opposition raises doubts in the people of the country. Some people are taking advantage of them by spreading misconceptions in the Muslim community. Shaheen Bagh is also one of those areas. Since it is a Muslim-dominated area, it has been chosen for the protest. It can also have many big accessories which is not a good sign. Such protests create discontent in various communities of the country and fragment unity.

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