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How Important is Population Control Law

At present, India’s population is growing at a rapid pace. India is home to 20% of the world’s population. And given the population, the resources are very small. India’s population growth rate is higher than in countries like China. At such a time it is necessary to think that there should be control over population growth. This problem has been considered many times but no concrete steps have been taken on it due to many political reasons. Whenever the issue of population control law comes up, people misinterpret it and it becomes a part of politics. The Home Minister of the country, Amit Shah, should take any step in this matter.

What is the threat from population growth?

Population growth is like an invisible threat. Its upcoming results can be problematic. In a country like India, where the population has officially reached 125 crores. For them, meeting all the basic needs is a big challenge for the government. India accounts for 20% of the world’s population while potable water is only 4%.

The population explosion is also the main reason for India’s pathetic position in the international rankings. We ranked 107 on the Global Hunger Index, 168 on the literacy rate, 136 on the World Happiness Index, 130 on the Human Development Index, 130 on the Social Progress Index, 134 on the Youth Development Index, the Homeless Index Ranked 8th in, 76th in Gender Inequality, 64th in Minimum Wage, 42nd in Employment Rate, Quality of Life in Ranked 43rd, 51st in the Financial Development Index, 78th on the Corruption Perception Index, 66th in the Rule of Law Index, 17th in the Environment Performance Index, and 13th on the Capita GDP.

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Why is the population control law not being implemented?

Whenever the matter of population control law becomes a national issue, then the kind of political movement intensifies. Political lents begin to politicize it without understanding its depth. People of different ideologies see it as connected to minorities (Muslims) and call this law against minorities, while it is true that the Muslim community has the highest contribution to population growth. And there should be no problem in accepting it. Because in future it will be difficult to provide resources to such a large population.

A lot of efforts have also been made in the last 5 years to control pollution, but due to population explosion, air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution are increasing and its root cause is also population explosion, hence a harsh pattern on the lines of China Without population control law, it is not difficult to achieve 100% success of Swachh Bharat and Swasth Bharat Abhiyan.

Population explosion behind 50 per cent problems

The population explosion has been cited as the reason behind the problems of water, forest land, roti cloth houses and poverty, unemployment, starvation etc. in the country. Population explosion is the main cause of congestion in tempo bus and rail, congestion in police station tehsils and jails and congestion in the District Court, High Court and Supreme Court. Piracy robbery is not only domestic violence and physical and mental torture of women but also the root cause of separatism, fundamentalism and stonewalling is the population explosion. A survey of thieves dacoits rapists and mercenaries shows that more than 80% of the perpetrators are those whose parents have not followed the “Hum do-hamare do”(we two, our two) rule. It is clear from this that population explosion is the root cause of more than 50% of India’s problems.

This problem needs attention. The government needs to take concrete steps on this. These issues need to be resolved to create a better India. Because of the controlled population, the government can bring better schemes to the public. And it becomes easy for a family to grow even where the number of members is in control. All citizens should consider this.

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